Pillar Oil, is committed to protecting the health and safety of every individual involved in its activities. All POL personnel have an obligation to watch out for each other, report unsafe working conditions, follow all safety policies and procedures, and never take shortcuts at the expense of safety.

 In achieving zero incident and injury rates, we are committed to keeping people safe, whether they are working on our sites or living in communities near our operation and maintaining a safe environment. We provide our operations personnel with training on identifying hazards and addressing risks associated with tasks. Safety is more than just a goal; it’s a way of life, both on the job and at home.

We are further committed to ensuring optimum protection of the environment in which we operate. While committed to meeting all governmental requirements and strive to exceed them, we also manage and conduct our operations in an environmentally sound manner and implement effective controls to reduce or eliminate the release of pollutants to the environment.

Operational Safety

 We work every day, thinking about the safety of our employees and our operating procedures. We seek to mitigate operational risk by assessing the impact of our operations on the environment, people’s health, our Assets and on the Communities, and adopting the best approach available.

To prevent accidents, we follow rules, strict standards and operating procedures. We are open to new solutions that help us control major risks that can impact heavily on our operations, even when it calls for partnering with other cluster members.

Personal safety:

We have our ‘Safety In Mind and In Action’ program aligned to our operating management system that guides our workers to work safely at all times. All POL personnel have a responsibility and the authority to stop unsafe work and to speak up whenever they notice an unsafe condition. POL personnel are provided with training on identifying hazards and addressing risks associated with all tasks.

PillarSafe Bulletin

The Pillar Safe newsletter that debuted in 2014 is published quarterly. The newsletter is intended to highlight company safety activities, deliver current workplace health and safety news, information and create the much needed awareness on our HSE programs, practices and management. The newsletter allows workers to discover ways to keep them and the workplace safe as well as safety tips that can be applied every day. It has been a great tool in keeping workers informed of current safety topics and relevant industry safety standards.


From company wide policies to local initiatives, we recognize that our operations affect the communities where we operate. This is why we strive to protect the environment, as well as the well being of the places where we live and work, safeguarding them for our neighbours today and in the future.

Through local partnerships and our Corporate Social Responsibility programs, we are committed to our communities, not only in improving where we live, but also how we live. One of the ways we do this is by seeking the input of local stakeholders through our Community Affairs department, working together with the indigenes and government officials to ensure relationship is mutually beneficial.


Staff Welfare

Incentives schemes designed to meet the circumstances of each individual are implemented whenever appropriate and some of these schemes include: bonuses, promotions, periodic review of remuneration and free medical facility for the staff, their spouses and children.

Employees Health, Safety and Environment

The Company strictly observes all health and safety regulations. The Company maintains business premises designed with a view to guaranteeing the safety and healthy living conditions of its employees and customers alike. Employees are adequately insured against occupational and other hazards. Financial provision is also made for all employees in respect of transportation, housing, medical expenses and meals.

Employment of Disabled Persons

It is the policy of the Company that there is no discrimination in considering applications for employment including those of physically challenged persons. All employees whether physically challenged or not are given equal opportunities to develop their knowledge and to qualify for promotion in furtherance of their careers.

Employment Involvement and Training

The Company is committed to keeping employees fully informed as much as possible regarding the Company’s performance and progress. Views of employees are sought, where practicable, on matters which particularly affect them as employees. The Company runs an open door management policy. Management, professional and technical expertise are the Company’s major assets and investment in developing such skills is continuous. The Company’s expanding skills base is being brought about by a wide range of in-house and external training. Opportunities for career development within the Company have also been broadened.

Incentive schemes designed to meet the circumstances of each individual are implemented wherever appropriate and some of these schemes include staff retirement benefit, productivity bonus, promotion and salary review.